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Danny’s brother, Jordan, lives in Northern California and is very much looking forward to being an uncle. He works as a lawyer, focusing on cases being reviewed for appeal. Danny’s parents, Lisa and Ezra, live in Florida but make regular trips to NY, and we fly down to Florida two or three times a year. We love Disney World and can’t wait to go as a family. Danny’s mom and dad have been together for 37 years and couldn’t be more excited about the idea of having their first grandchild. They’re both lovers of the outdoors, specifically Florida’s beaches, and always make family their first priority. Lisa is an accountant and Ezra works in real estate. Matt was treated like a son from day one. Danny’s aunt, uncle, and many cousins in Florida immediately welcomed him into the family as well.

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We went on our first date in the summer of 2010, after meeting on OkCupid. We were young 20-somethings living in New York City, and went to a coffee shop for our first get together. It turned out that we lived two blocks away from each other and shared lots of the same interests and goals. We both worked in entertainment, both came from small towns and are really close with our families, and knew immediately how to make each other laugh. Matt knew before he finished his iced coffee that he wanted to see Danny again. After our third date we both knew that something special was brewing.

Matt grew up playing sports, and is a big football, baseball and basketball fan. His teams are the San Francisco 49ers, the SF Giants, and the Golden State Warriors. He and his family lived in the Bay Area when he was in middle and high school, and he became connected to those teams during that time. He loved going to sporting events with his parents, and hopes to do the same with your child.

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Our families are big on spending time together, especially during the holidays. Thanksgiving is our favorite. Marylou makes the best stuffing you’ve ever tasted, Ezra makes fabulous fresh bread, Matt makes the cranberry sauce from scratch and has the turkey duties, and Danny bakes pies for dessert. Christmas has always been a big celebration as well, and a great reason to bring our families together. Since Finn and Hildy were born, it’s become a real treat. Watching them open presents and trying their best to stay up late to catch Santa has been a lot of fun. Spoiler alert: they haven’t caught him yet.

Matt went to New York University, where he studied Acting. He spent a decade working as an actor in New York before transitioning into being a casting director, and now has a successful career as a TV casting executive. Danny went to the University of Florida (Go Gators!) where he studied both Theater and Business. He moved to New York right after college to follow his dreams of working in theater, and is now a director of hit Broadway musicals. We both love working in entertainment, and luckily have schedules that provide a lot of flexibility and will allow us to be really involved and present fathers, while also having careers that provide financial security.

Theater and TV are a big part of our lives, both personally and professionally. We love any kind of storytelling, and we try to enrich our lives with it whenever possible. We have been reading to and with our niece and nephew since they were born. Seeing them so engaged and excited about books and stories has been really fun and inspiring.

We have lived together for seven years in Brooklyn, in a beautiful, family-oriented area called Greenpoint (just across the river from Manhattan). Our neighborhood is full of parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and a newly built library with a focus on children’s books. It’s also just a short walk to the East River. It allows us to be close to our jobs but come home to an area that is quiet, safe, and feels like a real neighborhood. Over the years a lot of our friends have moved to the neighborhood as well, so we have a tight-knit community close by.

We were married in a big beautiful barn near Syracuse, New York. Danny found the venue, and when we first stepped inside we knew it was the one for us. Matt was born on a farm, so it felt like a special way to tie in the past and the future. Matt’s sister, CJ (short for Catherine Jane), officiated the ceremony, which added an even more personal and heartfelt touch. Our nephew, Finn, was the ring-bearer. We stood in front of 200 of our closest friends and family and promised to each other, and our families, to love, support, and encourage one another for our lifetimes. Our families have spent a lot of time together over the last decade, but on that day two families became one.

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Matt’s Mom, Marylou, lives in Central New York, and once we adopt, she is excited to move back to Brooklyn and help with childcare as a Grand-Nanny. She did the same with Finn and Hildy, and that additional family support and love can clearly be seen in their development and personalities. Marylou loves children and is great with kids. She has such special relationships with both Hildy and Finn. Sadly, Matt’s Dad, Peter, passed away a few years ago. He was a generous, quick-witted man who loved and supported everyone in his family. He truly embodied what it meant to be a great dad, and set a bar for which Matt and Danny both strive.

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Not to sound like a broken record, but family really is the most important thing to us and we would be completely honored to adopt your child. That being said, we want to thank you again for reading this and considering giving us the greatest gift we could imagine. It’s incredibly generous to even take the time to get to know us.

We’d love to hear from you so please feel free to reach out to us. We have a wonderful adoption lawyer named Brian Esser who is very nice and experienced, and is available to speak with you as well. 

Wishing you all the best, and very much hoping to connect with you!

Matt’s parents and sister were all living in Brooklyn by the time we met, and Danny was quickly thrust into his family. He was welcomed with open arms and big family dinners. Matt’s sister, CJ, still lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Dave, and their two kids Finn, 8, and Hildy, 5. We have been hands-on uncles from the start. Watching them grow and become the amazing little people that they are has brought us incredible joy and lots of laughs. CJ and Dave are awesome people and both have careers that help children. CJ is the Vice President of an organization focusing on childhood development, and Dave is the Executive Director of an organization that works with homeless youths and adults.

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Our nephew Finn and Danny are very similar and have a great connection - they’re both thoughtful, inquisitive, and love to read and do puzzles together. Meanwhile, Matt is definitely more like our niece Hildy - they’re both energetic and fearless and love being around other people.

While we are both deeply rooted in the arts, our interests range way beyond just that. We both grew up being in the kitchen with our parents and grandparents, and love playing around with recipes and flavors. Matt tends to do the cooking and Danny is the baker. Matt makes dinner almost every night, coming up with different healthy and delicious meals. During this time while we’ve been working from home, Danny has been making lots of bread and cookies… and Matt has been eating lots of bread and cookies. We love having friends and family over to our home for dinner parties and get-togethers. That hasn’t been possible recently, but once that’s safe to do again, we’re excited to bring our loved ones together.

When the world isn’t shut down we really enjoy traveling together, and when we adopt we plan to travel as a family. Exploring cities big and small around the world, and experiencing different cultures, cuisines, and sights brings us a lot of joy. We’ve been lucky enough to have traveled all over the US - most recently Colorado and New Hampshire. Before the shutdown, we spent some time in London and the Mediterranean, and are hoping to go to Italy for a good friend’s wedding next year. Growing up, we had the great opportunity to travel with our families, and we can’t wait to introduce the world to your child the way our parents did for us.

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Hi there! We’re Matt and Danny. We really appreciate you taking a look at our website and getting to know us a little bit.

We’ve been together for a little over ten years, and with your incredible generosity, we hope to become parents together. We can’t thank you enough for even considering giving us the gift of a child. We love children and would be honored and excited to devote our lives to your child. We would raise your child knowing your deep love for him or her, and the tremendous sacrifice you made for us.

We’d love to share a bit about ourselves so you can get a sense of what your child’s life with us would be like.

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